Focus area

Real Estate Sector

Our focus area

Real Estate Sector

We provide real estate entrepreneurs, operators of nursing homes, and commercial tenants with a legally sound foundation for their real estate activities. We draft contracts for them, assist them in real estate transactions, and resolve disputes under property and tenancy law. We actively support them in their dealings with administrative authorities and in court.

A special focus of our advice is real estate abroad with its effects on German family, inheritance and tax law.

Among other things, our activities in the field of real estate include the following:

  • Advice and representation in all stages of acquisition, sale, donation and inheritance of real estate in Germany and abroad, with special consideration of tax aspects
  • Advising on reorganizations of complex real estate units with the involvement of judicial receivership and forced sale
  • Representation and enforcement of their interests in real estate funds and real estate capital investment law
  • Enforcement and realization of claims arising from their real estate transactions